Lobbying for Wild Animals

Export of young elephants to Zoos

Namibia flouts elephant export laws: Namibia’s environmental authorities confirm that they have issued the necessary CITES (Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species) export permit for the sale of five wild elephant calves by Eden Game Farm in the Grootfontein district to a zoo in Dubai.

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Letter to Zimbabwe President regarding the export of baby elephants to China: January 2018

CITES COP 17 Submission

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: How South Africa’s policies are killing Africa’s wild animals (A document prepared for CITES COP 17, PDF, 2.53MB)

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Lion Bone Trade

South Africa suggests new export quota for captive-bred lion skeletons, putting wild lions at risk and supporting the canned lion industry. The Department of Environmental Affairs is proposing an annual commercial export quota of 800 skeletons from captive-bred lions. The EMS Charitable Foundation and the Captured in Africa Foundation, with the backing of international animal protection organisations representing millions of people around the world, are calling on the Department to think again and to adopt a precautionary approach, instituting a zero export quota, given fears that exports could put the lives of wild lions across the continent at increased risk.

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Rhino Horn Trade

EMS Foundation & BAT objections to draft regulations on rhino horn trade: The proposed regulations have come as a shock to the local and international community and the adoption of these regulations will not only turn South Africa into a pariah State but it will lose any credibility in the conservation and enforcement arena.

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Trophy Hunting

Comment to the USFWS from the EMS Foundation, South Africa on the petition to reclassify the Leopard as an Endangered Species throughout its range

EMS and BAT comment on Draft Norms & Standards for the Management & Monitoring of the Hunting Of Leopard in South Africa for Trophy Hunting Purposes

Sign-on letter to CNN – U.S. regarding the documentary Trophy: January 2018

Other submission to government

Objections and Comments on the Published Norms and Standards for the Management of Damage-Causing Animals in South Africa

Sign-on Letters

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