OYCC Documentary


We are supporting the Ottery Youth Care Centre who are saving teenage boys from the claws and bullets of the notorious Cape Town gangs.


Mo & the Desposable Boys

Dressed smartly for a big day, Mo parks his Hyundai hatchback on a dusty patch outside his office, greets Two-Kit the cat and heads towards the breakfast hall. He walks along a brick footpath, beneath the oaks, mulling over the weekend, the days that lie ahead and the significance of French toast and maple syrup. In a place where each small victory is precious, and money is always scarce, the boys and the cooks have done him proud…

Meet the boys:

There’s Whitey who joined a gang when he was 14, when his best friend was shot in front of him he wanted out but quickly learnt there wasn’t a way out. Marvin witnessed his mother being stabbed to death when he was nine.

Pictures and Video by Jennifer Bruce | Words by Alex Eliseev | Online Production by Andrew Bruce


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Contact Us

Michele Pickover (Director)
Phone: +27 (0) 82 253 2124
Email: info@emsfoundation.org.za

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