The EMS Foundation is a proud supporter and the main benefactor of the Overstrand Whale Boxing Club, which is currently located in Zwelihle in Hermanus, a seaside village situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.  

We reflect on what seems to be another monumental year in the making as the boxers of the OWBC continue to receive many accolades. 

At the beginning of July two boxers from the Overstrand Whale Boxing Club (OWBC) won medals.  Siyakholwa Nxanti won a Bronze medal and  Siphamandla Damesi a Gold Medal Winner 2022 in the welterweight division of the South African National Boxing Organisation (SANABO)Youth and Elite National Championship. 

In Dunoon in Cape Town, at the end of July, OWBC junior boxers won ten gold medals and six silver medals. 

At the Western Cape Junior Cadet Championship held between the 2nd and 4th of September, in Saldanha, OWBC boxers received six gold medals and one silver medal.  OWBC was voted the second best team in the Province.    The gold medal winners were: Kulunga Ndleleni, Sihle Mathiso, Sihle Mjongile, Nkantliseng Qheya, Nikilitha Gcetywa and Oyama Devese and the silver: Linkokuhle Nkothobe. 

Thirteen year old Kulunga Ndleleni is the best cadet in the Western Cape, images provided by Mgcineni Joel Martins.

Training is one of the toughest aspects of boxing as it requires enormous commitment.  Head CoachMzi Damesi and ensure that boxers are in peak condition before a fight.  

Presently building plans have been submitted to the Overstrand Municipality for approval of the construction of a state of the art boxing club, entirely funded by the EMS Foundation and generously designed by a consortium of international and locally based architects.  

The new OWBC club will be situated on the property of the Hermanus Waldorf School where the EMS Foundation has recently funded the construction of the first high school classrooms. The Hermanus Waldorf High School will be opened to welcome pupils in January 2023. 

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Child poverty in South Africa is multi-sectoral, with the majority of children suffering from multiple deprivations simultaneously. According to Statistics South Africa 62% of children are multidimensionally poor. Two-thirds of children in rural areas are multidimensionally poor and income-poor. 

The highest multidimensional poverty rates are found amongst children residing in the Limpopo Province. It is for this reason that, together with our partner, Shambala Private Game Reserve, we are working to make a difference to the lives of learners in the Vaalwater area and district.  

Moshia Secondary School, E.A. Davidson Primary School and Boschdraai Primary School have been equipped with EMS Foundation growzones from which vegetables are harvested and cooked for children providing them with a consistent and healthy source of nourishment.  

As  part of an on-going initiative, and working with the local mayor, in June 2022 hundreds of children, who urgently need school socks and shoes, were identified and these basic but much needed items provided to them. 

Education is the key to success and increased access to education can contribute to a reduction in poverty.  The EMS Foundation and Shambala have supplied Tutu Desks to school children in the Vaalwater area. At the beginning of 2022 the EMS Foundation also acquired desks and chairs for pupils at the Moshia Secondary School. In 2020 the Shambala Reserve upgraded classrooms at the Moshia Secondary School.  

The EMS Foundation and Shambala are committed to continuing to offer the children and the broader community of Vaalwater in Limpopo food security, investments into school infrastructure and attention to individual needs, thereby removing barriers that negatively affect their well-being and hinder their development. 

July 2022

Image Credit: Shambala Private Game Reserve

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Investing in Childhood Education in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

The South African Schools Act 1996 (Act 84 of 1996) was aimed at ensuring that all learners have access to quality education without discrimination. 

Sadly, the World Economic Forum competitiveness index ranks South Africa’s overall education system at 140 out of 144 countries and its maths and science education at 143 out of 144. 

The EMS Foundation has empowered schools that are performing well, schools who have inspirational headmasters and headmistresses, the schools who are creating communities of learning where the power of education as a tool to change lives is recognised. 

Moshia Secondary School 

Moshia Secondary School is situated in Alma in the Vaalwater district of Limpopo Province, South Africa  has two hundred and sixty-five pupils ranging in age from  fourteen to twenty-two years of age.

The EMS Foundation has continued to invest into the infrastructure of this very successful school in 2022.  We have donated thirty-five new desks and chairs.

We visited the school to acknowledge and congratulate the pupils who have achieved greatness.

We have provided growzones for the school where vegetables are grown and harvested all year round for the pupils, their families and the community of Alma.

E.A. Davidson Primary School 

E.A. Davidson is a primary school in Vaalwater in Limpopo with three hundred and twenty-six pupils. The EMS Foundation proudly supports this very successful school.  

Representatives of the EMS Foundation visited the school this year to acknowledge the incredible achievements of the teachers and pupils who continue to strive towards greatness. 

The EMS Foundation has provided a growzone to the school which provides meals for the pupils and produce for their families and the local community.

Boschdraai Primary School

Boschdraai Primary School situated in Vaalwater, has two hundred and twenty-two pupils between the ages of six to fifteen years of age.  

The EMS Foundation acknowledged the good work of the teachers and pupils with a personalised visit and an encouraging gift for each child. 

The EMS Foundation has also provided a grownzone from which vegetables are harvested and cooked for the children providing them with healthy meals, furthermore the vegetables grown are distributed to the greater community. 

Every single day the teachers at these schools are doing their best with limited resources, transforming their schools and inspiring their pupils.  The EMS Foundation is calling on the Department of Education to make sure that these schools are adequately provided for so that they may continue to prosper. 

In addition to the investment that is showcased here, the EMS Foundation has also supplied 257 pairs of school shoes and 344 pairs of school socks for children who were especially identified as needing assistance in Vaalwater schools in 2022.

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Education can be described as the process where an individual acquires or imparts knowledge to another.  All children, around the world have the right to an education.  Investing in education is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.  

Unfortunately, in South Africa, education still remains a privilege to many.  A school education should provide a place where individuals develop skills essential to daily living, where individuals learn social norms, develop judgement and reasoning and learn how to discern right from wrong. 

There are various types of education, traditional schooling dictates the way a person’s educational success is measured.  Individuals who attend school and have attained a higher level of education are considered more employable and likely to earn more. 

According to the Centre for Global Development, in developing countries, there is a projected 10 per cent increase in a person’s future income for every additional year of education. 

Broken and Unequal: The State of Education in South Africa

The right to quality education includes having a school where learners are safe to learn and have the adequate infrastructure and facilities to do so, but research carried out by Amnesty International revealed that this is not the reality for many learners in South Africa.

According to Amnesty International, South Africa’s educational system is characterised by a crumbling infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms and relatively poor education outcomes.  Unfortunately, this unsatisfactory system is perpetuating inequality and as a result failing too many of its children, with the poor hardest hit according to a new Report.

The EMS Foundation recognises the fact that there are many talented young people who can achieve world-class results if given the correct opportunities.  The foundation has discovered that there are many schools that are offering quality education and these deserving institutions are receiving our support. 

The EMS Foundation Investment into Education in Sandbaai in Hermanus, Western Cape of South Africa

An example of a very successful school is the Hermanus Waldorf School, which is situated in Sandbaai in Hermanus in the Western Cape of South Africa. The majority of the pupils who attend this school come from the previously disadvantaged communities of Zwelihle and Mount Pleasant.  

Traditionally this school offered only a junior school education. The EMS Foundation has donated the costs of building three classrooms and ablution facilities so that the school can extend the opportunity to their learners in order to offer a high school education to their pupils from 2023.

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“In life, the most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King Jr

Since its inception, the EMS Foundation, has taken up the call to improve and uplift the lives of vulnerable South Africans and create a caring and truly sustainable future for all.

As a social justice organisation, we cannot ignore the fact that more than four hundred people have lost their lives in the recent floods in KwaZulu Natal. Significant damage has been caused to an aging infrastructure, including the water and electricity supply, roads and bridges have been washed away, damage has been caused to schools and health facilities.

State corruption is endemic and the South African government has seemingly failed ordinary South Africans. The EMS Foundation has therefore taken the decision to support the KZN flood victims by financially donating to the non-governmental organisation and disaster relief group Gift of the Givers as we believe that this organisation is a trusted entity and most closely represents our mandates.  

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