Taking Elephants out of the Room, September 2019

Presentation: Kahindi Lekalhaile

African Network for Animal Welfare

Kahindi Lekalhaile is the Chief Operations Director at the Africa Network for Anima Welfare

He speaks about animal welfare considerations for decision makers on keeping elephants in captivity

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Presentation: Prof. David Bilchitz

Animal Law Reform SA and SAIFC

Prof. David Bilchitz is a Professor of Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Law at the University of Johannesburg

He is Director of the South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC) 

He is Director of Animal Law Reform South Africa

He speaks about the policy framework of “Sustainable Use” in relation to animal welfare and elephants

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Indaba of Experts concludes that Elephants should not be in Captivity

Chairperson’s Summary Report and Recommendations

On 6 September 2019, the EMS Foundation, convened an international Indaba and Panel Discussion with national and international elephant behavioural specialists in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa, to discuss the issue of elephants in captivity and to develop a framework as well as policy guidelines for dealing with elephants in captivity.

The Indaba was the first consultative gathering of elephant specialists and elephant interest groups in Africa specifically dealing with elephants in captivity, the role Africa has in sending elephants into captivity and what we need to do to get them out of the metaphorical room.

In order to enable frank exploration of the issues and practical proposals, the Indaba was conducted under the Chatham House Rule and with a number of “ground rules” which aimed to ensure open, respectful dialogue, and maximum participation.

The overwhelming message was that elephants belong in the wild and must be returned to the wild in all cases where this is a legitimate possibility. Given whatwe know about who elephants are and the conditions under which they thrive, thereis no reason to keep them in captivity.

This Summary Report, which has been prepared by the overall Chairperson (Dr Don Pinnock) of the Indaba together with the Rapporteur (Dr Ross Harvey), provides a brief overview of the themes discussed and its outcomes, and is in no way reflective of all views articulated during the meeting.

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Elephants in Captivity Under the Spotlight: Taking Elephants out of the Room

ln Hermanus on 6 September, at the Municipal Auditorium, elephant specialists from around Africa and the world participated in a conference, Taking Elephants out of the Room, to begin the process of dealing with issues of their captivity, welfare and the ethics of confining these sentient creatures. The aim was to create a framework within which to assess the ‘imprisonment’ of captive elephants and to set standards for their ethical treatment.



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