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DEA ‘ignores’ concerns over lion bone trade

The South African Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has blatantly ignored public opinion by formally approving the export of 800 lion skeletons to Asia this year. This in spite of  international condemnation from conservationists and local stakeholders.

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Lion bone export quota in SA ‘a done deal’

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is on Tuesday poised to officially announce a government-approved annual export quota of 800 lion bone skeletons, despite worldwide revulsion and opposition to South Africa’s captive lion breeding and canned hunting industries.

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Comment on Draft Norms & Standards for the Management & Monitoring of the Hunting Of Leopard for Trophy Hunting

The EMS Foundation and Ban Animal Trading object to the Draft Norms & Standards for the Management & Monitoring of the Hunting Of Leopard in South Africa for Trophy Hunting Purposes and urge DEA to take a precautionary approach and withdraw them until a critical and irrefutable body of scientific evidence exists in relation to leopard populations in South Africa.

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Submission From BAT & EMS Foundation re DEA Proposed Lion Bone Quota

EMS Foundation, Captured in Africa Foundation, and global conservation groups call on South Africa to halt all captive-bred exports pending outcome of robust studies.

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DEA Lion Bone Quota Sign On Letter January 2017

We therefore strongly urge the South Africa government to develop a plan that will explain how each of these implementation and enforcement challenges will be addressed, prior to the captive-bred lion skeleton export quota going into effect.

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