Illegal trade in Tigers & Tiger parts

Call for Thai Government to revoke zoo licence for business behind notorious Tiger Temple

A total of 28 NGOs have today (5 March 2018) called on the Government of Thailand to revoke a zoo licence for the business behind the infamous Tiger Temple. The Tiger Temple – a tourist attraction and captive tiger facility notorious for tourist ‘tiger selfies’ – has been repeatedly implicated in illegal trade in tiger parts, as covered in a report by EIA, Education for Nature Vietnam and Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, Cultivating Demand.

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Facilities (Farms And Individuals) Keeping And Breeding Asian Big Cats In Captivity In South Africa: Under Decision 17.229

Our research has shown that the industry is growing as there are more facilities and more tigers. Our research clearly shows that inbreeding is rampant and given the lack of regulation or control by South African authorities and the intersecting demand for tigers in Southeast Asia, tigers are facing obvious exploitation for cruel market-driven consumptive purposes.

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Sign-on Letter issued to Thai authorities re. Tiger Temple

Fewer than 4,000 wild tigers survive worldwide, and poaching for trade continues to threaten their existence. To combat this threat, the demand for tigers, including from captive sources, must be eliminated. As an essential aspect of such efforts, those responsible for illegal tiger trade must face serious consequences.

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Letter regarding the prosecution of Nguyen Mau Chien

On behalf of the undersigned organisations, we are writing to congratulate you on your government’s commitment to tackle wildlife trafficking. This has been demonstrated by the landmark investigation and enforcement effort that has led to the upcoming first-instance trial of Nguyen Mau Chien and his associates Nguyen Van Tung, Nguyen Mau Thuan and Le Thi Hong. Nguyen Mau Chien is a key player in a network suspected of engaging in illegal trade in tigers and other wildlife on a global scale.

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