SSN Briefing to the South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries

As a group of conservation organisations with extensive knowledge of, and decades of experience with, wildlife policy, particularly in relation to trade, we have prepared the attached briefing on the impacts of international trade on endangered species, in the hope that you will find the time to read and consider it. We have prepared it in the knowledge that poaching crises, however daunting they may appear, can be – and have been – dealt with successfully, provided that the full range of available tools are used and that policies that directly undermine efforts to conserve wildlife are not adopted.

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Octopus Trapping in the False Bay, how to move forward

It is of serious concern to us that 13 whales have been entangled in octopus-trap fisheries along the South African coast over several years, with 9 whales having succumbed to their injuries.

Although very dangerous, octopus traps are not the only line catch devices causing entanglements; other fatalities have been recorded and have been linked to crayfish line traps. It is our understanding that both octopus and crayfish catch devices, as well as other line nonmovable systems, are a huge threat to marine life and simply should not be permitted in or near protected areas and along all known whale reproductive routes.

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Response from Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa

Response from Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa to Sub-Committee on Hunting Ban Social Dialogue Report and Recommendation

Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa is a coalition of twenty-six South African wildlife NGOs. We implore the government of Botswana not to implement the recommendations handed to the President on 21st February 2019

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