South African Policies & Legislation

Open Letter Re: Recent Constitutional Court Judgement and its Impact on South African
Environmental Issues

The Constitutional Court emphasised that constitutional values dictate a more caring attitude
towards fellow humans, animals and the environment in general and that this obligation was
especially pertinent because of South Africa’s history.

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Kruger Lions: Hunting for Skye and the truth
Let’s get this straight. The gratuitous killing of wild animals for pleasure and profit under the guise of conservation is not only highly contested and refutable, but is at the heart of the public outrage over the trophy killing of a male lion on the borders of the Kruger National Park last week.
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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: How South Africa’s policies are killing Africa’s wild animals
This Report tries to unpack South Africa’s role in a world where Africa’s animals are literally “Under Siege”.
We highlight an obvious pattern: legal trade in both ivory and rhino horn is part of the problem and should be prohibited, because it has been used to launder illegal ivory and rhino horn which in turn has stimulated demand. Criminals, benefitting from corrupt and inefficient administration in many parts of the world, including in South Africa and other Southern African countries, have taken full advantage. As a result of these factors many wild animals are under siege and facing extirpation.
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Objections and Comments on the Published Norms and Standards for the Management of Damage Causing Animals
As part of the public participation process for The Norms and Standards for the Management of Damage Causing Animals in South Africa, please find the following general comments and specific suggestions.
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The culling of Hippopotami
Letter concering the well-being and safety of up to 2,000 wild hippopotami that currently live in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley and face destruction.
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