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Response from Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa to Sub-Committee on Hunting Ban Social Dialogue Report and Recommendation
Wildlife Animal Protection Forum South Africa is a coalition of twenty-six South African wildlife NGOs. We implore the government of Botswana not to implement the recommendations handed to the President on 21st February 2019
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Comment to the USFWS on the petition to reclassify the Leopard as an Endangered Species throughout its range
The EMS Foundation wholly supports the Petition filed on July 25, 2016 by The Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, Center for Biological Diversity, the International Fund For Animal Welfare, and the Fund For Animals to list all Panthera Pardus as Endangered and to immediately restrict leopard trophy imports.
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Comment on Draft Norms & Standards for the Management & Monitoring of the Hunting Of Leopard for Trophy Hunting
The EMS Foundation and Ban Animal Trading object to the Draft Norms & Standards for the Management & Monitoring of the Hunting Of Leopard in South Africa for Trophy Hunting Purposes and urge DEA to take a precautionary approach and withdraw them until a critical and irrefutable body of scientific evidence exists in relation to leopard populations in South Africa.
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Sign-on letter to CNN – U.S. regarding the documentary Trophy: January 2018
We understand CNN – U.S. will be airing a pre-recorded interview with the CEO of Born Free USA, Prashant Khetan, on January 11 and a live conversation between Mr. Khetan and Philip Glass, a hunter featured in Trophy, on January 12. We are respectfully asking you to please reconsider airing this “shockumentary” on your esteemed network without offering your millions of viewers an opportunity to see and hear the  counterviews to trophy hunting presented with the same degree of prominence and exposure. To this end, we request a meeting with you prior to the airing of Trophy to plead our case as to why airing the film in its current form could do irreparable damage to the cause of responsible wildlife conservation.
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Humane Society – Trophy Hunting – FACA Comments
Comments Opposing the Establishment of an International Wildlife Conservation Council
The Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, Humane Society Legislative Fund and the undersigned groups strongly urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to not establish the euphemistically-named International Wildlife Conservation Council (“IWCC”), as establishing the IWCC as proposed would violate the Federal Advisory Committee Act and would be arbitrary and capricious and not in accordance with law.
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EU CITES MA Letter – Importation into the EU of hunting trophies from Annex B species
We therefore request that the European Commission and EU Member States urgently revise Commission Regulation 865/2006 to require the issuance of import permits for hunting trophies from all Annex B species.
Read the full letterThe African Lion Conservation Community’s Response to the South African Predator Association’s Letter
We wish to express that SAPA’s letter is fraught with inaccuracies, false statements, and a flawed viewpoint that is shaped for the economic benefit of captive lion breeders. We recommend that USFWS maintains their current position which is to ban the importation of captive-origin lion trophies. Nothing has changed in the South African context since the previous USFWS finding that can justify a change of position.
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