What we do

Core Activities

  1. Lobbying and Advocacy around African wildlife issues
  2. Grant-making to causes we support
  3. Fundraising for:
    • causes we have identified and/or support
    • causes we have initiated (this would be for wildlife).

Focus Areas

The Provision of Donations and Grants

A key aspect of the activities of the EMS Foundation is to provide funding and other resources to needy projects, individuals, NPO’s and NGOS that are in line with our aims and objectives. To do this we will also raise funds.

Poverty Relief and Empowerment Projects

The EMS Foundation works on poverty relief projects and activities that address the needs of abused and disabled children, orphans and elderly persons through the provision of facilities, food, resources and skills development and training. We also provide and support sporting activities for disadvantaged children such as facilities, equipment and activities.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals

The EMS Foundation is developing strategies to provide sanctuary and land for indigenous wild animals in South Africa, particularly those that need rehabilitation and/or rescue from abusive conditions and threats. As human rights and dignity are central to our undertakings we will do so in a way that is always cognisant of human rights issues.

Lobbying and Raising Awareness on Issues affecting wild animals

The EMS Foundation currently focuses on the following issues of concern: elephants in captivity; hunting and trade; zoos; policy and legislative issues affecting wild animals; and national and provincial parks.


The EMS Foundation has identified Research as one of its key and continuing activities. Through these activities and the evidence and information obtained, projects and programmes will be identified to allow the EMS Foundation to: promote the rights, interests and welfare of wild animals, children and the elderly people in South Africa and Africa; provide targeted educational interventions; undertake advocacy and lobbying; and to design workshops and interventions that promote dialogue, innovation, lasting solutions, empathy and compassion.

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