The next generation of humans is learning life-skills in the most turbulent of times, if nurtured correctly they will be the masters of change and resilience. We all underestimate the power we have within us to turn a life around.  The EMS Foundation seeks to promote the welfare of others and recognises the importance of investing time and sharing expertise with young people.

Burnley Football Club, nicknamed The Clarets,  is an English association football club based in Burnley in Lancashire in the United Kingdom that competes in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. Burnley FC was founded on the 18th of May 1882 and became professional club in 1883.  Burnley FC was one of the twelve founder members of the Football League.  The club was renown for its youth policy and scouting system and was one of the first football clubs to set up an purpose built training ground. 

During the month of December, Burnley Football Club has been celebrating the Clarets One Small Act campaign, with the aim of giving back to the local community this Christmas, supporting those most in need in their local community.  They have delivered hundreds of presents for residents to spread some much-needed Clarets Christmas cheer. 

Burnley Football Club have spread their generosity all the way to Hermanus in South Africa.  They have donated football shirts to the members of the Overstrand Whale Boxing Club. The founder of the EMS Foundation, Elizabeth Steyn personally delivered the shirts all the way from the United Kingdom to Zwelihle in Hermanus. The young boxers were overwhelmed with the generosity of Burnley FC and will be using these shirts to train in.  The EMS Foundation gave each member of the boxing club a hamper for Christmas. The EMS Foundation is also providing support for the dogs of Zwelihle.

The members of the OWBC were the champions of the South African National Boxing Championships which were held in Cape Town in October 2021.  Each of the seven competing members received a medal.  The young boxers received two gold, three silver and two bronze medals.  

These young boxers are coached by Mr Mzi Damesi, a resident of Zwelihle in Hermanus, who has always had a great passion for boxing.  Mzi Damesi keeps these young boxers fit and healthy and has provided them with an opportunity to achieve greatness.  Winning national championships has involved years of commitment and preparation. Mzi Damesi established the boxing club using reconditioned shipping containers to provide a safe space in a difficult world.

Over the past few years the EMS Foundation has proudly supported Mzi Damesi and the members of the Overstrand Boxing Club, in 2022 the EMS Foundation will be making a very important and exciting announcement which will positively impact the members of the Overstrand Whale Boxing Club, the future of the club and the Hermanus community at large. 

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