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The EMS Foundation was established by Tjaart and Louis Steyn and named in honour and recognition of their mother Elizabeth Margaret Steyn (EMS). The Mission of The EMS Foundation is the advancement and protection of the rights and general welfare of wild animals, children, elderly persons and other vulnerable groups in South Africa and Africa, for the purpose of alleviating suffering, disrupting inequality in all of its forms, raising public awareness, empowering and providing dignity. The EMS Foundation (South Africa) was established as a Trust in November 2014 (registration number: IT 222949/14). As our Foundation was established for public benefit purposes we have Not for Profit Organisation (NPO) status (registration number: 168-304NPO) and have Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with section 18(a) status. EMS PBO Reference Number: 930053286.


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Not only was our Foundation set up in honour of Elizabeth Margaret Steyn, but she has also lent her name and support to it. Elizabeth is a caring, passionate, committed and compassionate person who has the ability to inspire and touch all who come in contact with her. Her devotion to making the world a better place is motivating and she feels intensely passionate about the causes the EMS Foundation supports.


Louis Steyn, Rajan Desraj, Tjaart Stey, Michele Pickover, Anthony Franks

Image Credit: Gurchuran Roopra


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