Get Involved

Your efforts make an impact.

No matter how small, the changes you make on a daily basis can make a big difference

Here are just a few things you can do to help:

  • Spread the principles of social justice at all levels, be vocal, we are millions
  • Consume less, shop local, reuse, recycle
  • Support growth and emancipation of vulnerable communities
  • Go vegan and avoid animal products or by-products in any form
  • Expose cruelty
  • Choose eco -friendly and animal -friendly materials and foods and  bio-friendly products
  • Turn your home sustainable. Build or promote low impact buildings
  • Help people or animals in distress, rescue, report and support your near-home shelter
  • Visit your nearby sanctuaries, get involved, help out. Volunteer.
  • Protect wildlife, their ecosystems and  preserve the environment
  • Take part in local clean-ups and fundraising
  • Get vocal, persuade, take part in protests
  • Share information on social media, sign petitions, submit letters or comments to governments or legislators
  • Boycott exploitative activities and trading which enslaves fragile people or animals. Support bans and responsible tourism
  • Avoid entertainment which includes human/animal interaction, such as zoos and fake sanctuaries

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