Taking Elephants out of the Room, September 2019

Presentation: Chief Stephen Fritz

Chief Of The South Peninsula Khoisan Nation Council

Chief Stephen Fritz is Member of the South Peninsula Customary Khoisan Council

He speaks about the crucial role of elephants in the Khoi culture and for the survival of the Khoisan Nation



Presentation: Dr Gay Bradshaw

Kerulos Centre for Nonviolence

Dr Gay Bradshaw holds doctorate degrees in both ecology and psychology

She holds a Master’s in geophysics

Her research expertise focuses on the sources and healing of human-caused violence to Animals.

She was first to diagnose Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in free living Elephants and Chimpanzees.  

She speaks about how epigenetics and neuroscience dictate the transformation of conservation into self-determination of elephants



Presentation: Jim Karani


Jim Karani is Africa’s first Animal lawyer and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya

He speaks about policy contexts including trade in Elephants and the CITES “acceptable destinations”



Presentation: Dr Joyce Poole

Founder & Co-Director Elephant Voices

Dr Joyce Poole is the Co-director of ElephantVoices

Joyce is an elephant ethologist/ecologist, and conservation biologist and is a world authority on elephant reproductive, communicative and cognitive behaviour

She speaks about who elephants are and why they are not suited to captivity



Presentation: Kahindi Lekalhaile

African Network for Animal Welfare

Kahindi Lekalhaile is the Chief Operations Director at the Africa Network for Anima Welfare

He speaks about animal welfare considerations for decision makers on keeping elephants in captivity



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