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The EMS Foundation has written an urgent letter to the Botswana government in order to try and save elephants that are being auctioned in a trophy hunting auction in Gabarone, 7th of February 2020.


The Botswana government has demonstrated to the world that it does not care that elephants play a critical role in maintaining healthy ecological systems, nor does it seem to understand that killing off prime elephant bulls undermines the very basis of its successful ecotourism economy.

The Botswana communities are extremely dissatisfied at the process in which these elephant hunts are being marketed. There was meant to be a tendering process rather than an auction but clearly there is no governance capacity.

The qualifying criteria explicitly excludes tourism operators or Foundations, such as ourselves that do not necessarily want to hunt elephants but do desire to fund non-consumptive conservation in Botswana.

Please read our request to the Director of Wildlife and National Parks in Botswana for a revision of the qualifying criteria to enable us to bid on the hunting packages on the 7th February 2020 with the express intention that the elephants in these packages are not hunted should our bids be successful.

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EMS Presentation to the Parliament Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs:

The state of captive lion breeding in South Africa and the Economics thereof”, by Dr Ross Harvey, econimist.

On the 22nd of October, economist Dr Ross Harvey presented to the Portfolio Committee (PC) an analysis called “Bred for the bullet: Why big cats should not be bred in captivity”, which was a summary of the current state of the predator breeding industry in South Africa in an effort to empower portfolio committee members to hold the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) to account.



MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pressure mounts on governments to stop baby elephant imports

16 October 2019

The Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA) has been denied access to the country’s captive elephants, reportedly about to be sent to captive facilities in China. This suggests that welfare concerns are being ignored. The ZNSCPA is constitutionally permitted to access any part of the country if they suspect cruelty to animals. An urgent chamber application for access is likely to be submitted today.



Urgent Letter Regarding Import of Elephants to Pakistan from Africa

Suzi the elephant died at 31, still in her chains at Lahore Zoo, Pakistan

It has been reported in the press in Pakistan, confirmed by Punjab Wildlife Director Naeem Bhatti and confirmed by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia that Pakistan has made an application to import 10 African elephants from Namibia to captive facilities in Pakistan.

Read the full letter

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