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Investing in Childhood Education in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Investing in Childhood Education in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

The South African Schools Act 1996 (Act 84 of 1996) was aimed at ensuring that all learners have access to quality education without discrimination. 

Sadly, the World Economic Forum competitiveness index ranks South Africa’s overall education system at 140 out of 144 countries and its maths and science education at 143 out of 144. 

The EMS Foundation has empowered schools that are performing well, schools who have inspirational headmasters and headmistresses, the schools who are creating communities of learning where the power of education as a tool to change lives is recognised. 

Moshia Secondary School 

Moshia Secondary School is situated in Alma in the Vaalwater district of Limpopo Province, South Africa  has two hundred and sixty-five pupils ranging in age from  fourteen to twenty-two years of age.

The EMS Foundation has continued to invest into the infrastructure of this very successful school in 2022.  We have donated thirty-five new desks and chairs.

We visited the school to acknowledge and congratulate the pupils who have achieved greatness.

We have provided growzones for the school where vegetables are grown and harvested all year round for the pupils, their families and the community of Alma.

E.A. Davidson Primary School 

E.A. Davidson is a primary school in Vaalwater in Limpopo with three hundred and twenty-six pupils. The EMS Foundation proudly supports this very successful school.  

Representatives of the EMS Foundation visited the school this year to acknowledge the incredible achievements of the teachers and pupils who continue to strive towards greatness. 

The EMS Foundation has provided a growzone to the school which provides meals for the pupils and produce for their families and the local community.

Boschdraai Primary School

Boschdraai Primary School situated in Vaalwater, has two hundred and twenty-two pupils between the ages of six to fifteen years of age.  

The EMS Foundation acknowledged the good work of the teachers and pupils with a personalised visit and an encouraging gift for each child. 

The EMS Foundation has also provided a grownzone from which vegetables are harvested and cooked for the children providing them with healthy meals, furthermore the vegetables grown are distributed to the greater community. 

Every single day the teachers at these schools are doing their best with limited resources, transforming their schools and inspiring their pupils.  The EMS Foundation is calling on the Department of Education to make sure that these schools are adequately provided for so that they may continue to prosper. 

In addition to the investment that is showcased here, the EMS Foundation has also supplied 257 pairs of school shoes and 344 pairs of school socks for children who were especially identified as needing assistance in Vaalwater schools in 2022.

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