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E.A. Davidson is a public primary school located on 24 Rivers Farm in the Vaalwater district of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. In 2020 the EMS Foundation initiated a food security programme called a Growzone at this site. The programme is enormously successful and provides the children, and the broader community with an abundance of fresh produce. Besides producing the best tasting vegetables, the Growzones reduce carbon emissions, the soil is cared for and water is conserved. 

The individuals in charge of producing these vegetables plays a significant role in the project. The E.A. Davidson Growzone is lovingly attended to by Mr Silos Mosima. We are deeply appreciative of Mrs Adrie Prigge, the EMS Foundation Community Programme Manager in Limpopo, who has taken the time to introduce us all to Mr Silos Mosima.

Mr Mosima grew up on the 24 Rivers Farm, where he continues to reside and work.  His journey and love of the land, is deeply intertwined with his familial bonds, as he is one of six siblings, all of whom reside in the same area. He used to be a truck driver but his true passion lies in agriculture and his dream is to become a self-sufficient farmer. 

Mr Mosima finds joy in the simple yet rewarding tasks of harvesting fresh crops, particularly relishing the crisp taste of freshly picked green peppers. Onions and green peppers hold a special place in his heart but he is also extending his   cultivation of sweet potatoes because they are particularly suited to the soil conditions in this part of Limpopo. 

With four children of his own, Mr Silos is not only invested in the success of his agricultural endeavours but also in creating a better future for his family and community through sustainable farming practices. His dedication to his craft exemplifies the spirit of caring and resilience which is so beneficial to school food programmes across South Africa. 

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