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10 Jul

Using African Honeybees as a Deterrent Method for African Elephant Impacts on Marula Trees in South Africa

Elephants Alive thanks the EMS Foundation for their generous funding which allowed for twenty-five new superior Beepak hives have now been hung in iconic Marula trees in Jejane Reserve


19 Jun

Tiny Bees Buzz to the Rescue as Elephants Wreak Havoc

Read Full Report: https://dw.com/en/tiny-bees-buzz-to-the-rescue-as-elephants-wreak-havoc/a-44287843 Elephant numbers in South Africa’s Kruger National Park are rising — which is good news. But the prominent pachyderms are destroying habitat for other animals. Can the tiny bee provide a last line of defense? © Copyright EMS Foundation 2018. All rights reserved.


14 Mar

Bees, Trees and Elephants – Success!

Elephants are considered to cause unacceptable levels of damage to certain large trees in some conservation areas. This damage exacerbates human: elephant conflict, with some calling for elephants to be culled to reduce tree damage. In 2015 Elephants Alive embarked on a unique project to use bees to protect iconic trees from elephant damage within […]