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21 Mar

The South African Captive Bred Lion Industry and Associated Global Health Risks

As a consequence of the extensive evidence presented against the captive big-cat breeding industry and its abhorrent offshoots such as canned hunting and the unregulated lion bone trade, Parliament instructed the Minister of Environmental Affairs (at the time) and her Department – in December 2019 – to shut down the industry, which is a major ethical, legal and administrative embarrassment for South Africa. 


13 Nov

SA Parliament hits out at Captive Lion Breeding & the Lion Bone Trade

In a move to hold the wayward Department of Environmental Affairs to account, and signalling the beginning of the end of the captive and canned lion industry in South Africa, the official Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Affairs Report and Recommendations on the Captive Lion industry in South Africa has been published.


26 Sep

Lion Cubs Born Through Artificial Insemination at Ukutula Conservation Centre & Biobank

The undersigned includes some of the world’s leading lion conservation and research organisations, and representatives from multiple sectors including animal welfare, animal protection, multi-cultural and faith-based NGO’s. Based on our cumulative knowledge and experience, we do not support the captive breeding of lions, whether assisted or not, because it does not contribute to biodiversity conservation or address the main threats to wild lion conservation. Furthermore, the captive lion breeding industry in South Africa is associated with the exploitation of lions through interaction activities (lion cub petting and lion walks), canned trophy hunting of lions (the trophy hunting of tame lions in enclosed spaces) and the lion skeleton trade.