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10 Oct

Indaba of Experts Concludes that Elephants Should Not be in Captivity

On 6 September 2019, the EMS Foundation, convened an international Indaba and Panel Discussion with national and international elephant behavioural specialists in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa, to discuss the issue of elephants in captivity and to develop a framework as well as policy guidelines for dealing with elephants in captivity.


10 Sep

Elephants in Captivity Under the Spotlight: Taking Elephants out of the Room

ln Hermanus on 6 September, at the Municipal Auditorium, elephant specialists from around Africa and the world participated in a conference, Taking Elephants out of the Room, to begin the process of dealing with issues of their captivity, welfare and the ethics of confining these sentient creatures. The aim was to create a framework within which to assess the ‘imprisonment’ of captive elephants and to set standards for their ethical treatment.


26 Aug

It’s not a Numbers Game

The shooting of elephants is often defended on the grounds that it provides conservation benefits that could not otherwise be achieved. For instance, not all conservation areas are amenable to photographic tourism, which means that they require other sources of funding to prevent the conversion of that wilderness landscape to agriculture whether that be through culling or trophy hunting. This argument is likely reflective of a false dichotomy, but that is not the subject of this article. Another argument typically offered in favour of culling elephants  is that elephants destroy large trees, which has negative cascading ecological effects. The natural order of vegetation is ostensibly upended, and other species suffer as a result.


21 Feb

Comments on Draft Norms and Standards for the Management of Elephants in South Africa

Elephants are highly intelligent, sensitive and social creatures that have their own intrinsic worth, a worth that needs to be protected. They further have immeasurable value to our country, its people, our heritage and future generations. They have complex social systems and qualities beyond our understanding. There is various scientific research in this regard. The […]


29 Jan

Free Lammie the Elephant from the Jo’burg Zoo: Elephant Behavioural Specialists Support our Call

Elephant Reintegration Trust, The EMS Foundation, and Humane Society International-Africa, submit an open letter to the City from the world’s most renowned elephant behavioural specialists and researchers in support of the Proposal to release the elephant named Lammie (#FreeLammie) at the Johannesburg Zoo to a rewilding facility. © Copyright EMS Foundation 2019. All rights reserved. Image Credit: Ban […]


10 Jul

Using African Honeybees as a Deterrent Method for African Elephant Impacts on Marula Trees in South Africa

Elephants Alive thanks the EMS Foundation for their generous funding which allowed for twenty-five new superior Beepak hives have now been hung in iconic Marula trees in Jejane Reserve


19 Jun

Tiny Bees Buzz to the Rescue as Elephants Wreak Havoc

Read Full Report: https://dw.com/en/tiny-bees-buzz-to-the-rescue-as-elephants-wreak-havoc/a-44287843 Elephant numbers in South Africa’s Kruger National Park are rising — which is good news. But the prominent pachyderms are destroying habitat for other animals. Can the tiny bee provide a last line of defense? © Copyright EMS Foundation 2018. All rights reserved.


11 Jan

Sign-on letter to CNN – U.S. Regarding the Documentary Trophy: January 2018

We understand CNN – U.S. will be airing a pre-recorded interview with the CEO of Born Free USA, Prashant Khetan, on January 11 and a live conversation between Mr. Khetan and Philip Glass, a hunter featured in Trophy, on January 12. We are respectfully asking you to please reconsider airing this “shockumentary” on your esteemed […]


11 Jan

Letter to Zimbabwe President regarding the export of baby elephants to China: January 2018

https://edition.cnn.com/2019/11/24/africa/zimbabwe-elephant-trade-intl/index.html The EMS Foundation signed a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa urging him to immediately halt the further capture and export of young, wild elephants from Zimbabwe’s parks to captive facilities overseas. © Copyright EMS Foundation 2018. All rights reserved.


10 Jun

Joint Letter to Eden Wildlife regarding the export five young live elephants from Namibia

On behalf of the undersigned conservation and animal welfare organizations representing hundreds of millions of people worldwide, we urge you to immediately and permanently halt plans to capture and export five young live elephants from your Namibia property, Eden Wildlife to Safari Park Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Read the full letter © 2017 EMS […]


25 May

Namibia flouts elephant export laws

Namibia’s environmental authorities confirm that they have issued the necessary CITES (Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species) export permit for the sale of five wild elephant calves by Eden Game Farm in the Grootfontein district to a zoo in Dubai.


30 Mar

NGO Letter to FC Barcelona – Appeal to Urge Rakuten Inc. to Cease All Elephant Ivory Product Sales

We are writing on behalf of our organizations, representing millions of citizens worldwide, to request your support in urging Rakuten Inc. to immediately cease the sale of elephant ivory products.In the midst of a global elephant poaching crisis, we urge you to call for the end of Rakuten’s role in the ivory trade, and to […]


14 Mar

Bees, Trees and Elephants – Success!

Elephants are considered to cause unacceptable levels of damage to certain large trees in some conservation areas. This damage exacerbates human: elephant conflict, with some calling for elephants to be culled to reduce tree damage. In 2015 Elephants Alive embarked on a unique project to use bees to protect iconic trees from elephant damage within […]


10 Nov

Letter to the Minister of Environment, Zimbabwe, regarding potential exports of live elephants from Zimbabwe to captive facilities

EXPORTS OF LIVE ELEPHANTS FROM ZIMBABWE TO CAPTIVE FACILITIES Letter from the Species Survival Network (SSN) to the Minister of Environment, Zimbabwe, regarding potential exports of live elephants from Zimbabwe to captive facilities. © 2016 EMS Foundation. All rights reserved.