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26 Aug


In response, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) revealed that that the government is holding 27 tonnes of rhino horn through SANParks and other government bodies. This consists of 15,003 horns. The PAIA response also states that the total number of horns held privately is 18,884, amounting to 22 tonnes. This makes the average weight of the government horns 1,8kg and the average private horn 1.19kg. The average front horn of a white rhino weighs 4 kg, so the weight discrepancy needs to be explained. Horns accruing from natural mortality (combining government and private stockpiles) weigh 45 tonnes, while confiscated horn is 25 tonnes.


30 Mar

NGO Letter to FC Barcelona – Appeal to Urge Rakuten Inc. to Cease All Elephant Ivory Product Sales

We are writing on behalf of our organizations, representing millions of citizens worldwide, to request your support in urging Rakuten Inc. to immediately cease the sale of elephant ivory products.In the midst of a global elephant poaching crisis, we urge you to call for the end of Rakuten’s role in the ivory trade, and to […]