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Parliamentary Inquiry into Benefit-Sharing Agreement in the Western Boundary of the Kruger National Park between SANParks, APNR and Communities

5 – 6 February 2019

Parliament slams Kruger Park for defying directive not to sign agreement with neighbours
Kruger National Park has been condemned by Parliament for signing an agreement which it had been expressly forbidden to sign by the Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs.
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Trophy hunting and benefit sharing in GLTCA: Regulatory inadequacies and proposals for law reform
Presentation to Parliamentary Inquiry Cullinan & Associates Feb 2019
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Parliamentary Inquiry into Benefit-sharing Agreement
5 – 6 February 2019

Community benefits from trophy hunting – EMS Foundation
Community benefits from trophy hunting: Realities vs Pretence – EMS Foundation
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Presentation notes

The Ethics of Hunting in Private Nature Reserves Adjacent to the Kruger National Park
Presentation to Parliamentary Inquiry – 6th February 2019, Dr Smaragda Louw, Ban Animal Trading
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Hunting in the Associated Private Nature Reserves

Call for Moratorium on hunting in the APNR

The purpose of this letter is request an urgent undertaking from SANParks that it will not sign a new agreement between themselves and the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) until the process that the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs directed SANParks to follow, has been completed, and that a moratorium on hunting in the area should be imposed in the interim.

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Appeal for Moratorium on lion hunting

Following upon Parliament’s announcement that there would be a Review Process of the agreements between SANParks and the APNR, we call for a Moratorium on all killing of lions in this region, to ensure that this Review Process is followed without undue influences.

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