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In 2009 Michele Pickover from Animal Rights Africa, published a special Report titled Under Siege Rhinoceros in South Africa, at the time, in response to a Parliamentary question by the Democratic Alliance on the 7th August 2009, the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs said that the current estimated population in the Kruger National Park of white rhino was 10 800 and 300 black rhino.

On the 12th July 2009 the Sunday Independent revealed that SANParks intended selling between 200-350 rhinoceroses from the Kruger National Park, a record figure for any year. Although according to SANParks they expected to raise between R35 and R50 million from these sales, it is unclear what this money was used for and unknown if it any of it will be used for rhino protection.

SANParks also initially said that their sale of rhinoceros was based on scientific reasons, however their Director of Conservation Services, Dr Hector Magome, admitted during an interview on radio station SAFM that there was no scientific justification for their removal.

South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association published a media statement on Tuesday, 21st July 2009 in response to the media article and criticism of SANParks. Please read the statement here:

Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs wrote a letter to Michele Pickover on the 13th September 2009 stating that it was not necessary to impose a moratorium on the sale of rhino nor was it necessary to investigate the sales of rhino from the Kruger National Park. Please read the letter here:

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