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Video of the Shooting of Baboon with a Catapult in Pringle Bay Recorded in Accordance with the Overstrand Municipality Published Baboon Hotline Directive

The Overstrand Municipality has recommended that people use a dedicated baboon hotline telephone number in order to reporting baboon issues and incidents in the Pringle Bay, Bettys Bay and Kleinmond areas of the Western Cape of South Africa.

The function, according to the Overstrand Municipality, of their dedicated hotline is to ensure that the Overstrand Municipality is kept informed about the baboons living in the area. According to the notice which was published on their website, the hotline operator will direct the incoming calls, with regards to any incidents to the respective area managers and eco rangers on duty.


The Overstrand Municpality recommends that videos and images are taken of incidents where baboons are harmed, and that all the relevant additional information provided to the Overstrand Municipality will be passed onto Cape Nature to investigate.

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