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The guardians of the singular, largest group of wild rhino in the world announced the long awaited number of rhino in their care, the figures confirmed a devastating loss of life. 

Using a sample block counting method, 50% of the total Kruger National Park was surveyed. The resulting estimated number of rhino was published in the SANParks 2019-2020 Annual Report

The number of rhinos illegally killed annually in the national parks of South Africa  realistically reflects the minimum number of deceased rhino.  There is a certain amount of difficulty in detecting or finding the remains of every deceased rhino in the dense African bush.  The accuracy of the published information is also reliant upon the data handed in and collated by authorities.  

The very low number of remaining rhino in the Kruger National Park is indicative of  the illegal killing of rhino for their horns by often unknown attackers since 2008.  Hundreds of rhino were also sold to locally based trophy hunters, canned lion hunters, to international trophy hunters, to international zoos and to rhino breeders. 

In addition, the EMS Foundation’s retrospective report Where Have All the Rhino Gone includes familiar names of people involved in the game breeding industry, ex policemen and veterinarians who have been arrested and charged with wildlife crimes over the past two decades.  This information demonstrates that the illegal killing of rhino in South Africa for their horn has not only been carried out by anonymous individuals. 

The research revealed the disappointing reality that Howard Buffett, the American philanthropist and businessman, was not able to complete his R255 million grant to the Kruger National Park to assist with the prevention of the illegal killing of rhino due to a poor internal work ethic. 

In a statement made by SANParks board on the 20th of February 2012 they confirmed that they had received an inquiry from the office of the Public Protector in Nelspruit. A number of companies contracted to the Kruger National Park were alleged to be owned by family, friends or associates of senior officials in the Kruger National Park. 

Whilst the EMS Foundation was unable to substantiate the aforementioned allegation, we were, however able confirm that a company contracted to the Kruger National Park and to SANParks from 2002-2016 was directly linked to Jacob Zuma. 

Over the past two decades the survival of the rhino living in the Kruger National Park has had everything stacked against them including questionable, critical management  decisions, the possible involvement of corrupt politicians, the direct involvement of wildlife veterinarians, members of the South African police servicesSANParks employees which has directly or indirectly led to their deaths. 

IMAGE CREDIT: Gurcharan Roopra


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